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About Us


Who We Are

We are a family run business based in Des Plaines IL, that has spent the past 20 years building a reputation of trust, quality and loyalty to our customers.Our family business has grown a long way since our Auto Repairs Store opened in 2001, since then we have been granted a dealership license for dealer-only auctions, giving us plenty of access to deals on quality pre-owned cars, with savings we can pass on to our customers.We pride ourselves on our great knowledge and expertise, which has allowed us to understand our customers as well as our cars. Every customer that walks into our store receives the highest level of friendly service that has built a great loyalty over the past 15 years, and after striving for excellence in our auto repairs at highly competitive prices, it is more the just our conversation that keeps our customers coming back for more.So if you’re looking for a friendly professional service, contact Puldin Auto Repair at (847) 298-5508 or pop into our shop on 2562 Ballard Road, Des Plaines IL for more information or a friendly chat about how we can help.

What We Do

We can deal with a variety of car issues and have built our business on our expertise, meaning we provide a service you know you can trust.
Just some of the services we provide and areas we can help you with:

  • General issues and maintenance

  • AC/Heating

  • Brake Service

  • Electrical

  • Engine diagnostics and repair

  • Fuel Systems

  • Radiator/Coolant

  • Steering and Suspension

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